Weekly Art Classes

Students in all grade levels have a formal art class once a week. Art lessons and activities are sequential and geared to the developmental ages and interests of students at different grade levels.

Drawing, painting, printing, weaving/stitchery, building and crafts are mechanisms employed to teach line, shape, color, texture, value, contrast, symmetry and balance utilizing a variety of media such as crayons, charcoal, pastels, calligraphy pens, water color, tempera, textiles, clay and papier maché.

Art appreciation is taught at all grade levels through the study of various artists. Junior high students utilize computer resources to expand their enjoyment of art and architecture.

Adventures in Art

This fine arts program provides opportunities for students to learn about artists and create their own art pieces using various materials, methods and techniques, with the help of volunteer docents. These docents are trained to honor the individual artist as he or she learns to

  • Exercise powers of observation and imagination
  • Develop the motivation to learn
  • Become confident decision makers
  • Grow flexible and adaptable

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