Mission and Philosophy

Saint Catherine’s is a Catholic Christian preschool which provides opportunities for your child to learn to appreciate all of God's creations. Our preschool education is age-appropriate and based on solid child development principles. We make learning engaging, fun, interactive, and creative. Your child will have a stable environment and the opportunity to learn to work and play with others. We believe that each child develops at his/her own pace and should be treated as an individual.

We want your child's first school experiences to be positive ones and will always make this our number one priority.

Saint Catherine’s Preschool provides a first-school experience in a faith-centered environment that nurtures a love for learning, thus preparing your child for entrance into our Kindergarten. Our program encourages the growth of each child's God-given talents and abilities. Your child will learn, grow and develop in a warm and loving environment.

State law protects preschool children in a special way. How our school complies with all the requirements is described in the Saint Catherine Labouré Preschool Handbook. What follows is a general overview of our preschool. For more information, please contact the Preschool office at (310)755-8604.

St. Catherine Labouré School
3846 Redondo Beach Blvd
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