Tuition Rates and Fees for 2020-2021

We make every effort to keep our tuition low in order to provide the opportunity for an excellent education for all qualified students. For a Transitional Kindergarten student to Grade 8 student whose family actively supports Saint Catherine Labouré Church, the tuition rate is a monthly rate based on a 10-month school year. Updated/current tuition fees for the following school year will be available and posted closer to the month of March.

Rates for 2020-2021
Registered Catholic Rate      Non-Registered Catholic Rate or Non-Catholic Rate  
1 Student        $465 per month
  1 Student        $565 per month
2 Students      $840 per month
  2 Students       $1,005 per month
3 Students      $1,1140 per month
  3 Students       $1,365 per month
For more information on tuition and other fees, please download current 2020-2021 Tuition and Fees Schedule.

Other Support Requirements

  • Technology Fee ($50 per student)

Tuition alone does not cover the cost of education for each student. Each student is required to participate in Mandatory Fundraisers which are used to help defray operating costs. Two fundraisers are:

  • Scrip Purchases ($350 per family)
  • Hannon Hawaiian Raffle ($100 per student)

Volunteers enhance our school’s ability to provide a better educational environment as well as foster a sense of community. In order to do this, families are required to complete 25 hours of volunteering. Not only does this reinforce our sense of community, but also defray some of our operating costs. You may, however, opt out of this by paying a $250 fee (per family).

A few of these volunteer opportunities might include:
  • Volunteer Coach
  • Teacher Aids
  • Room Parent
  • Parking Lot Attendants
  • Holiday Village Helpers
  • Parish Fiesta
  • For a complete list, download Volunteer Service Positions.
Volunteer Service Positions
  1. ASSISTANT TO ATHLETIC DIRECTOR - Assist the athletic director with items such as collecting and passing out uniforms and collecting fees for various teams.
  1. BOOK FAIR HELPERS: (15) To work a two day period in February.
  1. CAMPUS CARE: Involves clean-up, weeding, planting and general school care. Four (4) Saturday mornings during the school year (Oct., Jan., Mar., May) from 8 a.m. - noon.
  1. DRIVING ATHLETIC TEAMS: To help transport students to athletic events sponsored by the school. Lots of fun! Need not have a child on the team.
  1. FAMILY LITURGY DOUGHNUT CHAIRPERSON: To help coordinate this event with the principal on the second Sunday of the month. Purchase the doughnuts & coordinate the helpers.
  1. FAMILY LITURGY DOUGHNUT HELPERS: To help distribute doughnuts & coffee the second Sunday of the month, from 7:30 - 12:00.
  1. FUNDRAISER ASSISTANTS: Assist PTO board in organizing and running the fall and/or spring fundraiser for the school. This is usually a candy sale and a Fun-Run-Walk.
  1. HEALTH ROOM AIDES: To help in such programs as ear and eye testing, scoliosis testing, weighing and measuring the students. Small children cannot accompany parents to health room while they are working. This is only an occasional job. Must be available during the day.
  1. HOLIDAY VILLAGE CHAIRPERSONS: (2) To help organize this event which takes place in early December. Includes organizing, making articles, decorations, etc. The First session for this group should be in April, and work will continue as needed through the year. This will allow time to have everything ready by December.
  1. HOLIDAY VILLAGE HELPERS: If you like to make Christmas decorations and crafts, this is your chance to demonstrate your talent and at the same time help the school. The materials needed will be donated to the school. This is a good project for working parents who like to do craft work. Can be done at home.
  1. HOME AND SCHOOL CHAIRPERSON(S) (2) : Coordinate the volunteer program; to act as liaison between volunteer workers and the school administration and teachers
  1. HOME & SCHOOL ASSISTANT (2) : To assist the Home & School Chairperson(s) by logging in volunteer hours and making phone calls to schedule volunteers for different activities. Must be reliable. This job can be done at home.
  1. KINDERGARTEN/NEW STUDENT REGISTRATION (usually 1st Sunday of March after a.m. liturgies) To assist in collection of forms for new student registration.
  1. LIBRARY AIDES: Work two hours weekly in the library. Must be responsible and reliable. Help with the Book Fair (normally the last week of January or February), typing and non-typing projects. Children cannot accompany parents to library.
  1. NEW FAMILY NETWORK: This is a branch of the PTO which matches existing SCL families with families recently accepted for Fall . Signing up to be a mentor family simply involves: 1. Calling your assigned family to welcome them to school, 2. Answer any questions they may have, 3. Offering a friendly, “You can call me anytime; no question or concern is too small, and 4. attending the New Family Network Welcome Night to meet your family on a Sunday in August
  1. OFFICE TYPIST: One or two people to assist in typing the Cumulative Records for the office at the beginning of the school year. Requires a typewriter with at least an 11 inch wide carriage. (May be done at home)
  1. OFFICE HELPERS: To assist in office during busy times of the year. Help especially needed on Thursday mornings to help with family bulletin. (Includes helping assemble calendar/handbook in the summer).
  1. PANCAKE BREAKFAST: (12) Parents needed to cook, serve and clean at a pancake breakfast sponsored by the PTO a Sunday in September and Catholic Schools Week Sunday. (late January or early February) (NO small children may be brought into the kitchen)
  1. PARISH FIESTA HELPERS: Work on various projects connected with this fundraising event, usually in late September or October. PLEASE NOTE: A maximum of 10 hours worked will be applied to school service hours.
  1. ROOM PARENT CHAIRPERSON: To help coordinate room parents.
  1. ROOM PARENT: (2 per classroom). Job description will be handed out at a meeting in the beginning of the year. Assist teacher with any special classroom activities. Coordinates and organizes other parents’ help.
  1. ROOM TYPIST: (1 per classroom) To do necessary typing (report cards, certificates, etc.) for classrooms. Must have use of a TYPEWRITER. Can be done at home.
  1. SCHOOL ATHLETIC ASSISTANTS: Help train students in different sports activities. Assist the school teams’ coaches. (Must be available between 2:30-4:30 for one particular sports season) Sports: volleyball, flag football, basketball, softball.
  1. SCHOOL MAINTENANCE CHAIRPERSON: To organize crews for school maintenance as needed.
  1. SCHOOL MAINTENANCE CREW: To help with school maintenance projects. This is great for working parents as it’s done on the weekends.
  1. SCIENCE FAIR HELPERS: (4) To coordinate the set up of the Science Fair. (usually in March)
  1. SPECIALIZED SERVICE TO SCHOOL: Any service you might be able to provide the school . Example: sewing, plumbing, electrical, computer knowledge as needs arise.
  1. SUBSTITUTE & RAINY DAYYARD SUPERVISOR: To supervise students at lunch recess, 11:50-12:50 PM., when regular yard supervisors are absent or when extra supervisors are needed on rainy days.
  1. SPORTS AWARDS NIGHT HELPERS: Help with refreshments, arrangements, clean up, etc., for school Sports Awards Night. (May or June)
  1. ST. CATHERINE LABOURE SCHOOL BOARD: Those parents recently elected to the school board automatically fulfill their service hours through attendance at monthly meetings and organization of PTO activities.
  1. TEA HELPER (Mother/Daughter, Mother/Son etc.): To help with this event in the Spring which is hosted by the 6th grade. Volunteers are needed for set-up, serving and clean-up
  1. TEACHER AIDES: To work with the teachers in the classroom, grades K-4, Fine Arts, & Computers. Must be a responsible person on whom the teachers and students can rely regularly; must be able to speak English fluently. (If you wish, you may aide in one of your children’s classroom, however, this may only be done with the understanding that confidentiality is a necessity when dealing with each and every student.)
  1. TELEPHONE HELPERS (6 per room) Need to be responsible; you will be given the phone numbers of several families whom you will be asked to call periodically to inform them of different activities and events of the school. Can be done at home.
  1. TRANSLATORS (SPANISH, VIETNAMESE or KOREAN): Need parents who are fluent in Spanish, Vietnamese or Korean & ENGLISH, who would be available to help translate for any of our parents who are not fluent in English. Also, you would allow your telephone number to be published in the family bulletin so that parents with limited English could call if they need anything explained.
  1. TUITION COLLECTION DAY AIDES: (20) To assist in collection of forms and checking paperwork on collection day in early August.
  1. UNIFORM CHAIRPERSON: Organize uniform exchange program - 1. Check and clean out “Lost and Found” monthly. 2. Launder items handed in for exchange if needed. 3. Make uniforms available to parents periodically. 4. Store extra uniforms turned in for exchange.
  1. WEDNESDAY LUNCH HELPER: (15weekly)Help prepare the school lunch once a week or monthly on Wednesdays. No small children may be brought to the kitchen.

**Please read the Family Bulletin weekly for other volunteer positions available

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