Student/Parent Handbook and Policies 

We believe parents, teachers and students work in collaboration and share the responsibility in creating an environment which fosters learning and spiritual growth modeled as Christ’s children. Please refer to the current Parent/Student Handbook for specific school policies.

Downloadable Parent/Student Handbook 2019 -2020

Absences and Illness Policy
If a student is absent from school, a parent/guardian must call the school office before 8:30am and verify every absence, whether full day or partial day, EACH day the student is absent. If a phone call has not been made by a parent/guardian on the day of absence, it will be considered an “unexcused” absence. Please remember homework/class work requests when absent should be made before 9:00am for homework/classwork pick-up after 2:30pm.

When a student has been absent from school, a written excuse signed by the parent or legal guardian must be presented before the child may be admitted to the classroom. For your convenience, you may also obtain a yellow “Return to School” slip through the school’s health room. In the note, please include the dates of the absence. A note from the doctor is necessary in cases of communicable diseases. A note from a dentist or doctor following an appointment is acceptable.

Before checking into the classroom after an illness absence, students must present themselves to the health room for an okay to enter the classroom from the health room aide.

To contact school office call (310) 324-8732

Students are considered TARDY if they are not in line ready for morning assembly by the second bell which rings at 7:57am. It is the parents’ responsibility to see that a student arrives on time to school.

After 8:00am, tardy students, accompanied by a parent, must report to the office/health room for a “TARDY” slip in order for the students to enter class. It is entirely unsafe for a late student to be dropped of outside the school and asked to enter the school grounds on his/her own.

For more detailed information about all school policies, please refer to the Parent/Student Handbook.
Morning Drop Off and Afternoon Pick Up
The safety of our students is a very high priority.  In the morning, you may use the drop-off in the south parking lot. However, if you wish to walk your child into school, you must park on the street or in the main parking lot. Please do NOT drop off your student in the main front parking lot in the morning.
After school, you may park in the main parking lot, south parking lot or on the street to pick up your student.  You may also choose to pick up your student using our drive through pick up in the main lot.
For more information, please download our Drop Off and Pick Up maps.
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