Timely, accurate and reliable communication among school administration, teachers and parents is a critical part of our educational process. In addition to traditional methods, Saint Catherine’s has two state-of-the-art systems in place to enhance communications, SchoolSpeak and our Digital Voice Dialer.

SchoolSpeak   A two-way family communication system  

In addition to parent-teacher conferences, Saint Catherine’s employs a web-based system, SchoolSpeak, which allows private communications between parents, teachers and the school administration.

Once enrolled, parents will receive a login name and password which allows them access to Saint Catherine’s SchoolSpeak. Once logged in, the SchoolSpeak home page will appear. When a teacher wants to communicate with parents, they may use the SchoolSpeak system to send general classroom information or email the parents directly.

SchoolSpeak will also allow a parent to access the latest information on his or her child’s academic performance, as well as the school calendar, reminders, announcements, weekly bulletin, and the lunch menu. Hard copies of the calendar, weekly bulletin and lunch menu are also available in the school office.

Digital Voice Dialer  Urgent Family Message System

Our school utilizes an innovative message system to notify parents by telephone of emergency situations, last-minute change of plans and event reminders. This automated calling system enables parents to receive fast and up-to-date information on what is happening at school.


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