“And may the peace of Christ reign in your hearts, because it is for this that you were called together as parts of one body.” Colossians 3:15

Dear Alumni Families near and far,

Throughout our 60 years, the families of Saint Catherine School have demonstrated a commitment and, at times, enormous sacrifice to give their children the very best Catholic Christian education. In doing so, your parents and caregivers answered God's personal call to help build the Body of Christ.

Each of you, then, are a precious part- of not only the history of our school- but a precious and dear part of the Body of Christ here at Saint Catherine Labouré parish. Although you may not have been aware of this as a child, much love and prayer was poured into you by your teachers, your administrators, your priests, and all those who have made our school possible for six decades.

We sent you off with the very best wishes for your education and future and for continued growth in the peace and love of the Holy Trinity. Still, we want each and every one of you to know that you are a permanent part of our Saint Catherine Labouré School family and that we continue to pray for you and yours.

Many of you are still a vibrant part of Saint Catherine Labouré and give back to our school by coaching, volunteering, and continuing to help nurture the newest members of our family. Please know we do welcome all of your talents, gifts, and prayers for the continued success of your Alma Mater and we warmly invite each of you to participate in your community here at Saint Catherine Labouré School:

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  • Join us for Alumni Night at the Annual Parish Fiesta, Friday night of the Fiesta.
  • Submit your "Spotlight on Alumni" story.
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Wish List

Digital Projectors and Screens for classrooms

iPads and iPad Carts

Smart boards for classrooms

Public Address System for all classrooms









St. Catherine Laboure’ School is Proud to Announce
the Monsignor John O'Byrne Educational Scholarship Fund


Monsignor John O'Byrne has been at St. Catherine Laboure’ from 1976 to 2012 and was the pastor for
25 of these years. He has been a strong supporter of St. Catherine Laboure’ School. During his tenure,
a preschool, kindergarten; and Technology Learning Center were established.

At St. Catherine's, we believe that the goal of Catholic education is to lead children to Jesus through
spiritual, intellectual, social, physical and personal growth. We prepare our students to become
Catholic leaders of tomorrow who recognize that God, above all, is the foundation for a purpose-filled

Many St Catherine's parents want to invest in their children's faith-filled, educational journey but
require assistance with tuition. At St. Catherine's, we strive to accept all students and families
regardless of financial need. With the help of The Monsignor John O'Byrne Educational Fund, qualified
families will have the opportunity to afford a Catholic education for their children.

In honor of Monsignor's years of service and as members of St. Catherine Laboure’s faith community,
please donate generously to help our brothers and sisters in faith educate their children for a life-long
practice of the Catholic Faith and social responsbility. Through your generosity, you can personally
influence the education of a child at St. Catherine Laboure’ School!

Please support our families in need of tuition assistance by donating to the Msgr. John O'Byrne
Educational Fund. Pledge envelopes will be available at upcoming St. Catherine Laboure’ services.

Thank you and God bless.

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