Our teaching staff members are excellent educators, qualified to bring superior education to Saint Catherine Labouré School. All of our teachers possess bachelor degrees, 13 have also earned Master degrees. All teachers maintain valid, current teaching credentials.

We are honored and grateful to our faculty whose dedication, love and service to our students continues to prepare them for the challenges of life.


Jennifer Bagheri


BA English, Mount St. Mary’s College
MA Education, Loyola Marymount University
MA Catholic School Leadership & Administration, Loyola Marymount University
Clear Single Subject Teaching Credential (English)
Administrative Services Credential

St. Catherine Labouré School is a learning community that offers a comprehensive curriculum centered on challenging academics, faith formation, and personal growth. My goal as principal of SCL is to build a Catholic community where students grow in faith, knowledge, integrity, and service. In partnership with parents, we are able to guide SCL students in becoming empowered, engaged, and inspired individuals who want to use their gifts and talents to serve others and our community. 

Cheryl Hebestreit

Vice Principal

BA, Arizona State University
MA University of San Francisco

I enjoy teaching at St. Catherine Labouré because of the loving, community atmosphere at the school. After a long term substitute position during the 2012-2013 school year, I was thrilled to say “yes” when asked to permanently join the staff the following year. Having taught previously at schools with modest diversity, I also greatly appreciate how diverse the students and their families are at SCL.                         


Mary Jo Lafranchi

Transitional Kindergarten, Modular

BS Child Development, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

St. Catherine Labouré is more than just a school; it is a family. When you attend St. Catherine Labouré, you become part of the SCL family. SCL teaches the whole child in a loving and caring environment. SCL Teachers and Staff truly care for the students and their families.                        

Crystal Nance

Transitional Kindergarten, Modular

BA Spanish, California State University, Long Beach
Clear Multiple Subject Teaching Credential 

Families should choose SCL for their children because the school is committed to academic excellence for all students and is centered on Catholic moral values. As a graduate of the school, I know firsthand how well St. Catherine's School prepares its students for success in high school and beyond. St. Catherine's provides its students with a solid educational foundation which promotes life-long learning. It also provides many service projects for the students to help instill Christian values.

Kim Soto

Kindergarten, Rm. 2

BA Liberal Studies, California State University, Dominguez Hills
Clear Multiple Subject Teaching Credential with an Emphasis in Math

As a teacher, I love working here at St. Catherine Labouré. The students and families are amazing. It is very rewarding to see the growth of a kindergarten student. This age is precious, and I am very blessed to be a kindergarten teacher.

As a Parent, I choose SCL for the strong academics, religious and moral values embedded in the environment here at SCL. The principal, vice-principal, teachers, parents, and pastor all work together to help each child reach their full potential. Students feel the teachers really care about them. SCL is a family environment and a place where students and parents will feel that it is their “second home”. My two children attended and graduated SCL.                        

Annalisa Prieto

Kindergarten, Rm. 3

BA Human Services, California State University, Dominguez Hills
MA Curriculum & Instruction, Concordia University, Irvine

I believe one never stops learning. I am a lifelong learner and I want my students to love school just as much as I do. Learning is NOT a race, but a journey through life. It is an exciting adventure, with something new to be learned each day. It is my privilege to guide and encourage a child as he or she gains a love of learning, self-confidence, and the academic skills that form a foundation for continued success.                         

Cathy Jones

Grade 1, Rm. 1

BA, Istituto Magistrale, Sacile, Italy

I enjoy teaching because I feel that I can make a difference. I have the opportunity to impact children’s lives. I feel I have the chance to inspire little children so that they will become enamored with learning. My motto is “Learn one new thing every day.” I also find it rewarding to see students grow in maturity, knowledge, and social graces. I particularly feel grateful and blessed that I am allowed to be instrumental in the preparation of these little children so that they will become strong Catholics, God willing.                         

Julia Bartlett

Grade 1, Rm. 7

BA, Industrial Education, California State University, Long Beach
MA in Teaching, Curriculum and Instruction, University of Saint Mary
Early Childhood Certificate, California State University, Dominguez Hills
Clear Multiple Subject Teaching Credential, CLAD
Lifetime Reading Certificate, University Of California, Los Angeles

I have been teaching primary students for more than 20 years, and I believe that I have the best job in the world! When students leave my classroom and advance to the next grade, they do so as academic achievers and committed Catholics. With PBL (project-based learning) my students "Learn by Doing", they gain the confidence to ask questions, make connections, teach others, and be enthusiastic about learning as they advance in the world of education. I have always made the learning environment a place in which students can feel safe to share their ideas and thoughts as well as develop social and interpersonal skills. SCL is more than just a school, it is a family, filled with faith, where the members follow in Jesus' footsteps.

Margaret Tobias

Grade 2, Rm. 4

BA, Elementary Education, De La Salle Lipa University
MA, Education Administration, University of the Philippines
A person is led to teach because someone high above knows that this person can lead.  Ever since I became a teacher my life's purpose gets more vivid every day.
When I experienced a job outside the classroom, the feeling of fulfillment I got at the end of the day did not match the feeling of fulfillment I was used to having when I was teaching.  That is why I was so happy when I was accepted as a teacher here at St. Catherine Labouré School.  I was even more thankful to find out that this school is a community of warm people who dedicate themselves into bringing out the best in everybody.
Education is an everyday adventure. With the vastness of knowledge, as students learn a lot from their teacher, likewise, a teacher may also learn a lot from her students.  It is essential that a firm ground of creativity, respect, patience and discipline is established inside the classroom for the effective flow of learning to take place.  

Jacqueline Latimer

Grade 2, Rm. 6

BA, Psychology, University of Southern California, Los Angeles
MA, Reading Fluency and Literacy, Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles
Clear Multiple Subject Teaching Credential

Since stepping onto St. Catherine's campus, I knew this would be the school for me. From the friendly staff and faculty, to the energy and love from the parents, there has never been a thought different from thinking this is such a great school. My motto is, the more fun and interesting the content is, the more the students will grasp and remember. This is my goal each and every day when I am with my students. St. Catherine's, as well as myself, are dedicated to provide our students with whatever is needed to reach academic excellence. Being a native to Manhattan Beach and attending Catholic schooling my entire life, I was ecstatic to accept a job here.

Pauline Skinner

Grade 3, Rm. 5

BA Psychology, California State University, Long Beach
Clear California Multiple Subject Credential
I teach at St. Catherine Labouré School because I believe that Catholic education is the means by which to educate the whole child.  I taught for 12 years in the Parish School of Religion before joining the day school.  I am a member of this parish and my four children graduated from this school.  The success of my children, I attribute, in part, to the foundation they received at this school.  Their religious background supported the academic challenges and endeavors that were put before them.  The caring faculty helped develop their conscience, stewardship, and work ethic that became the foundation for success.
The parents, staff, and teachers are supportive of one another.  This brings a family-like feel to the school.  I am happy to be a member of this family and I love what I do.  

Jennifer Martin

Grade 3, Stable

BA Child Development, California State University, Los Angeles

As a parent and teacher at SCL, I have not only seen the great achievements of my students, but in my own children as well. When my husband and I decided to bring our oldest child to SCL, I recall sharing with him the many success stories of past students I had taught in my years at SCL. For example, one past student not only excelled at SCL, but continued to excel throughout high school, and was accepted in LMU. She graduated, went into a master’s program, and is now teaching. She has visited me on several occasions and has attributed much of her success to SCL and the teachers who gave her the drive and inspiration to succeed in life. It was the stories of success that helped us make our decision. I believe this is why parents should send their children to SCL. We are part of that driving force that leads to success in life for so many of our children.                       

Megan Gutierrez

Grade 4, Rm. 9

BA Liberal Studies, California State University, Dominguez Hills
Clear Multiple Subject Teaching Credential 

St. Catherine Labouré School has always been like a home to me. I attended St. Catherine as a child from Kindergarten to 8th grade. I feel that St. Catherine Labouré gave me the foundational skills that I have used throughout my whole educational and professional careers. St. Catherine Labouré sets high expectations, which students are challenged to meet. This school also provides a more inviting environment than I have seen at any other school. The students and staff arrive with smiles on their faces and are excited to start their day.

As a teacher, I feel that it is highly important to challenge students and allow them to have hands-on experiences. In my training for the new California Common Core Standards, I have gained an appreciation for this new way of learning. In order to master the new standards, my students are given the opportunity to work in collaborative groups and have class discussions. They are also expected to understand and use their newly learned academic vocabulary as well explain their thoughts and reasoning behind their answers. 

Laura St. Aubin

Grade 4, Rm. 10

BA Double majored in English Literature & Political Science
French Language and Literature Minor, Roger Williams University
MA in Elementary Education, University of California, Irvine
Credential in English Literature and Elementary Education

We can learn a lot from a box of crayons- each crayon has a different purpose and they all work together to create something beautiful. As a teacher, I firmly believe that each and every student holds some kind of creative genius that can positively impact the world around them.  Awakening and empowering that creative ability is the gift teachers bring to their students.  I have made it my duty to push my students to explore, watch them discover, encourage questions, but most importantly, allow them to productively struggle.  I want my students to color the world with their abilities and feel confident that the skills they learn inside the classroom can be used throughout their lives. I believe in creating a community of learners who can respectfully work with each other to solve any problem that they might encounter.  To be a great teacher means to empathize and respect the kids and community members around you, but also to believe that no matter how sharp, dull, or broken the crayon is, each color is an important part of the bigger picture.

Christina Luna

Grade 5, Rm. 8

BA, Sociology with a minor in Business, Loyola Marymount University
MA, Curriculum and Instruction, California State University, Dominguez Hills
Clear Multiple Subject Teaching Credential

It is a pleasure and joy to join the St. Catherine Labouré community.  Since going to school here, when I was younger, and getting married here, I have come to realize that St. Catherine is a community of love, the exact community and energy I want to continue to build in the classroom.  I was inspired at a young age and felt safe and comfortable at St. Catherine and those feelings are being felt by students today.  I cannot wait to open this new chapter in my life and have the opportunity to inspire students, just as I was inspired.             

Lisa Garcia

Grade 5, Library

BA, University of Colorado
MPA, California State University, Northridge
Clear California K-12 Teaching Credential
Cross Cultural Language & Academic Development Credential

Saint Catherine Labouré is consistently voted the best private school in the South Bay due to the professional and experienced faculty and the high academic standards and engaging curriculum it provides its students. The faculty at SCL, are dedicated to providing the students with challenging and meaningful lessons that encourage students to think independently and work cooperatively. Much of the curriculum is project or problem-based, and students are responsible for mastering the curriculum through avenues that cause them to problem-solve independently and cooperatively. Students at SCL are taught to use knowledge they've previously gleaned to help guide them to acquire new knowledge, thus keeping learning engaging and fluid. The academic standards at SCL are set higher than the average school, and SCL students produce above-average work. From kindergarten to 8th grade, SCL students rise to the many academic challenges that are presented to them. Hard work and responsibility for one's self and actions are core values taught at SCL. Students learn at an early age that hard work is what affords success in academics, sports and life in general.

Olivia Vallin

Spanish for Grades 2, 3 & 4

BA, Certificate of Teaching, Normal Superior Nueva Galicia, A.C, Guadalajara, Jalisco, MX
MA, Education and Sociology, Instituto Superior de  Investigación Docente y Magisterio  

With over 12 years teaching in middle school and 2 years teaching Spanish to our elementary students at St. Catherine Labouré, I have had the opportunity to share with our students the importance of striving for more in their education, knowledge and culture.

Education, family, respect and integrity are only a few of the many reasons I enjoy teaching at St. Catherine Labouré.  We are blessed at St. Catherine's with a diversity of cultures that allows me to express and teach the Spanish language.  To see the excitement in our students' eagerness to learn is a blessing to my career as a teacher.  I look forward to inspiring, teaching and motivating our children as we enter each new school year.
Con mas de 12 años de enseñanza en secundaria y 2 años de enseñanza de español a nuestros estudiantes en St. Catherine Labouré, he tenido la oportunidad de compartir con nuestros alumnos, la importancia de luchar por más, en su educación, conocimiento y cultura. 
Educación, familia, respeto e integridad son sólo algunas de las muchas razones que me motivan enseñar en St. Catherine. La diversidad de culturas en nuestra escuela, permite expresar y enseñar Español.  Ver la emoción al aprender en mis estudiantes, es una bendición para mi carrera como docente.  Espero inspirar, enseñar y motivar a nuestros hijos en la nuevo año escolar. 

Jaclyn Balderas

Language Arts, Rm. 11

BA, English, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
Currently Enrolled at LMU for Single Subject Credential in English and MA in Education
I am more than excited to start my second year as a teacher at St. Catherine's. I hope that all of the students will learn to be as "Lit" up by Lit as I am!  With my parents being married at this parish and me being baptized here, St. Catherine's is a natural fit for me to serve as a Catholic School teacher. Additionally, having a Catholic education of my own has taught me the value of this truly special education. The beauty of a Catholic School is that it is more than a place where students simply come to read, write and solve math problems; it is a community of faith where students feel at home. St. Catherine's has felt like this to me as the faculty and staff have been nothing but warm, kind and helpful towards me. Working together with all members of the staff, I hope to foster an interactive learning environment where both the students and I are learning and growing with each other everyday.                                                                                                     

Rebecca Schempp

History, Rm. 12

BS, Mass Communications & Journalism,
Theater Minor University of Colorado, Boulder
MA Curriculum and Instruction, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs
Preliminary Multiple Subject Teaching Credential
It is such an exciting opportunity for me to be joining the staff, and family here at SCL. We found this school when my daughter was ready to begin TK. We toured here and knew immediately it was the right balance of academics, extra curricular, and love that we wanted. I had been searching for a teacher opportunity for some time with little success, and now I know that it was because there were other plans for me. I have had such a wonderful welcome here since beginning and look forward to continuing the privilege of working with and educating the children here.

Maureen Ward

Math, Rm. 13

BA, Liberal Arts, Math Concentration, Loyola Marymount University
MA, Child and Adolescent Literacy, Loyola Marymount University
Reading Certificate, Loyola Marymount University
California Clear Credential

Being an educator is like no other job, and I am thrilled to continue my ministry of teaching at St. Catherine Labouré. Everyday is a new day filled with excitement and curiosity and a step towards preparing the youth for our future. As Nelson Mandela brilliantly said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” A classroom is more than memorizing facts and figures; rather it is being able to think critically and being able to apply that knowledge to real world situations. My goal is to instill confidence in all students and have them realize that knowledge is power and they can make a difference. Teaching at a Catholic school, like St. Catherine Labouré, is an added bonus. It is a blessing to integrate our Catholic faith into the curriculum and help guide students through their spiritual journey with Christ. I look forward to providing a challenging and inclusive curriculum to reach all types of learners, as well a structured environment that allows students to grow personally .

Julie Ha

Science, Rm. 14

BA, Social Ecology and Education, University of California, Irvine 
MA, Education, National University (in progress) 

With the advancements in Science and Technology, it is crucial that instruction is shifted to prepare the students to be technologically and scientifically literate. I will bring together Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics as students develop inquiry and critical thinking skills through problem/project based learning. Students learn about their natural world as they investigate topics such a gene technology, ecological sustainability, mechanics, chemistry and weather patterns. They will gain a better understanding of real world issues and work collaboratively to develop action plans.  

For as long as I can remember, I wanted to be a teacher.  My preferred activity was playing "Teacher".  I would come home from school and have my parents sit at our dining room table as I pretended to be the teacher. I would teach them everything that I learned from school and they were to finish "homework" before dinner.  Luckily, they still remembered everything from school!  I am so excited to join Saint Catherine Labouré's community and have the opportunity to share my love for learning with my students.  Learning is a journey and I am proud to be given the torch to guide SCL students through this journey as they develop spiritually, intellectually and personally.

Cara Everhart

Language Arts, Rm. 15

BA, Creative Writing, Comparative World Literature Minor, California State University, Long Beach

To say I am ecstatic to be a part of the St. Catherine Labouré family is quite the understatement.  On a daily basis, I can honestly say that I witness the warm and welcoming community that is St. Catherine Labouré; the students, faculty, staff and parents are lovely, Christ-centered people.  

As a graduate of Catholic schools, I know first-hand the effects of a moral and Christ-like upbringing.  Through the help of my teachers, I fell deeper in love with my Catholic faith, and yearned to develop that same love into the hearts of others.
As a teacher, I make it my mission to guide my students on their journey of reaching the best versions of themselves both morally and intellectually. As St. Francis of Assisi says, "All the darkness in the world cannot extinguish the light of a single candle, " and, it is my hope that with my help and God's constant guidance, my students will know that they are each a light in this world.  To my students, you have a purpose, as St. Catherine of Siena states, to "Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire". 

Noemi Schabert

Spanish, Religion, and Social Studies, Rm.16

BA, California State University, Fullerton

SCL is a Catholic school that provides so many opportunities for each child. Students are provided with different types of learning techniques from hands on to technology. They are provided with a safe environment in which they can express their thoughts about the material they are learning. They are taught how much God loves them and through this love, how we should share this love with others. It is when we love others that shows that we are disciples of Christ.                        


Francine Buitron

Technology Education/Fine Arts

BA History & Political Science, University of Texas, San Antonio
MA International Relations, St. Mary’s University, San Antonio

St. Catherine Labouré is the best private school in the South Bay because it has a strong academic program and a faith-filled community. St. Catherine’s also offers a variety of extra-curricular programs, such as Arts Alive, Yearbook, CYO sports, and Academic Decathlon. In addition, SCL provides an art program, a physical education program, and an advanced technology program. These programs allow the students to explore their creativity and become well-rounded students.                        

Susan Calderon

Physical Education

BA, Arizona State University
M.Ed, University of Phoenix

Kristy Narey

Fine Arts

11 years in education

I believe that families should choose SCL for their child(ren) because we provide a loving and safe environment where the entire community is committed to academic and personal success. Students are given a very strong foundation on which to build their academic futures. SCL is everyone’s home away from home.                                                 



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